New minimal site and blog system (with working RSS!)

[linkstandalone] I've been working for the past day or so to stand up a comfy and aesthetic webpage/blog. I guess we will see how this works out. I still have some work to do on the side of beautification and content, but I'm always a fan of letting these things grow organically instead of trying hard to generate content. I'm not getting paid for this or anything, so I might as well only post when I really feel like it.

I've scraped together some bits and ends from various sources. I ended up setting for now on a nice modified gruvbox theme that matches my pleroma instance with a stylized web of life in the background. We will see how noxious that cyan color is, but I don't think it will be too bad once there is a bit more content on the site. RSS should work as well, see link on my main page.

I tossed a few short stories I've transcribed from books up as some filler content to test things out. I thought about removing them once I was done, but I will probably keep them for now.

I think there's a way to do a rolling RSS feed, but for now I"m going to have one massive one. That's probably it for now though. The summer 2020 season of anime just started and I have like a dozen shows to catch up on.